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Simple Workouts for at Home Fitness

When you invest in a gym membership, you have to deal with waiting behind people at specific workout stations. Your routine may be compromised depending on the times you go to the gym as well.

With working out at home, you’ll have the freedom to develop your own routine on your own time. Along with exercising with weights at home, you also need to plan simple routines.

Here are some simple workouts for at home fitness:

Step-Ups with Dumbbells

Step-ups are very simple to do. You will need a platform like a small stool to step-up onto. You can also use steps outside of your home. The routine simply consists of continuously stepping up with each foot onto the platform. This can be done without any weights, but it’s a better workout with small dumbbells.

Squat and then Curl to Press

Using dumbbells, position yourself into a squat. Once you’re in a proper squat position, lift your body up to a standing position with your heels while holding the weights, and then curl the dumbbells upwards and over your head.

Dumbbell Lunges

Another simple routine with dumbbells you can every single day are lunges. While standing, hold dumbbells in each hand, and then lunge forward with one leg to the floor. You can repeat this routine as many times as you’d like while switching between each leg.

Standing Overhead Press

Another workout that can be done is the standing overhead press. While standing with feet shoulder length apart and dumbbells in each hand, raise dumbbells to the ceiling or sky at the same time in each hand.

If you’re looking to simplify your workout routine and exercise in the comfort of your own home, it might be time to invest in some dumbbells or free weights for your home.

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