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Switch to Strength-Training Foods When Working Out

Here are some strength-training meals that will work better for your routine:

High Protein Meals

Although protein is not the primary source for energy, high protein diets will help with metabolism and muscle health. Here are some important proteins to be eating meals with:

· Lean Beef

· Eggs and Egg Whites

· Protein-Rich Soy

· Whole Grains with Protein

· Legumes

· Skinless Chicken Breasts

· Fish Rich in Omega-3S

Carbs are Good for You!

Carbs are extremely beneficial for weightlifting. Carbs give you plenty of energy throughout the day, as well as when working out and weightlifting. Here are some carbs you should be eating:

  • whole grains, such as oatmeal, quinoa, rice, cereals, and popcorn

  • starchy vegetables, such as potatoes

  • fruits, such as oranges, apples, and bananas

  • other vegetables, such as leafy greens, cucumbers, and broccoli

Healthy Fats are Necessary in Your Diet

Everyone tries to stay away from fatty foods, but some fats are very healthy for your diet. You never want to eat food that is going to make you not want to eat. Many people have a misconception of dieting when working out. They think that when you eat less and less while working out, you’ll lose weight and gain muscle. This is very wrong. Eating the right foods is the way to help get stronger, in shape, and healthy when trying to exercise and workout.

Here are some healthy fats you should be putting into your diet:

  • nuts and seeds

  • healthful oils, such as olive oil

  • high fat fruits, such as avocado

For more information on weightlifting and working out, contact Biggins Iron at today or visit us online for more information!

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