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Three Benefits of Free Weights That Can Improve Your Life

Most people assume lifting free weights is only for the big, body building lovers of the world but that is far from the truth. Anyone can incorporate some type of free weightlifting into their daily or weekly routine. You don’t have to be incredibly jacked to touch the free weight section at the gym. Free weights are for everyone.

Here are three benefits of free weight exercises that can improve your overall quality of life and get you excited about fitness again.

Injury Prevention

Exercises that incorporate free weights are great at strengthening the body’s stabilizing muscles. Free weight exercises tend to have more real-life applications. Most of the weight we lift in day-to-day life is “free”, meaning our body needs to have strong stabilizing muscles to support the activity. These muscles play an important role in keeping your joints in place as well as supporting your body, so keeping them strong is a great way to prevent injuries.

Improve Muscle Imbalance

Our bodies tend to have one side that is more dominant and stronger than the other. Free weights are a great way of correcting that imbalance. For example, if you find that your right bicep is stronger than your left, free weights give you the opportunity to isolate that weakened muscle and strengthen it. When muscle imbalances like this are corrected, your overall balance can improve as well.

Free Weights Can be Used Anywhere

If you find yourself not wanting to enter a crowded gym, free weights are the easiest way to get in a complete workout from the comfort of your home. You can easily order a beginner’s dumbbell set online. You can work out in front of a mirror to check your form or take your weights outside or in your garage. Free weights are versatile and simple for anyone to take advantage of; anytime or anywhere.

Whether you want to improve overall balance or really build some serious muscle, free weights are the way to go. They are loved by beginner’s and people who have been weightlifting for years. No matter what your fitness goals are, free weights can help take you to the finish line.

If you’re looking into getting free weights to get back into shape and create a weight-lifting routine, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Contact Biggins Iron at or visit us online for more information!

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