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What Should the Warm-Up Routine Be Before Working Out?

So, the question is what are some warm-up routines to get your body and mind ready for the weightlifting portion of your workout?

Here are 3 warm-ups to try out:

Static Stretching

Sit and hold stretching has many positive benefits on your body. You can strategically warm-up with some static stretching to make note of any tightness in your body, so you’ll be able to address it during your workout routine.

Light Cardio Exercises

Light cardio before getting into your weightlifting routine will increase your core body temperature and circulation throughout your body. Start off with some light jogging on a treadmill or in your neighborhood. You can even hop on the bike to get some cardio in if you don’t enjoy jogging. Other exercise using equipment at the gym can include rowing, skipping rope, jumping jacks, and more!

When it Comes to Push-Ups, Pullups, etc.

Using these rules, you could do the following.

· Leg Day - Body weight squats, lunges, jumps

· Chest Day - Pushups

· Back Day - Pullups, Inverted Rows

· Shoulder Day - Pushups, Dips

· Arms Day - Pushups, Pullups, Dips

It’s important to remember that these warmups don’t require any weights, but you should remember to not overdo these warm-ups, especially if you’re planning to do some heavy lifting. These warmup routines are good to get your body and muscles warmed before lower weightlifting exercises. You don’t want to waste all your energy during the warmup


The Benefits of Warmup Before Weightlifting

· Increase Body Temperature

· Blood Flow and Oxygen Delivery

· Mental Prep

· Injury Resilience

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