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Why Lifting Weights is Beneficial for Your Health

Here are 5 reasons why lifting weights is beneficial for your health, and why you should get out and do it:

Lifting Weights is the Best Way to Build Muscle

When you lift weights, it allows growth of your muscle cells. This boosts the body’s testosterone and growth hormone. The release of these hormones when lifting weights promotes tissue growth and allows your muscles to be built stronger and larger in your body.

Efficiently Burns Body Fat

Many people trying to lose weight and gain muscle and strength realize that lifting weights is something they need to do. When lifting weights, your body is effectively burning the body fat. When you’re adding lean body mass through weightlifting, the muscle tissue will burn more calories than fat tissue.

Stronger Bones and Stronger Joints

Your bone and joint health are essential for living a healthy life. The good news is weightlifting will help to strengthen your bones and joints. As we age, our bones tend to get weaker if we don’t exercise and lift weights regularly. So, it’s very beneficial for you to lift weights on a decent schedule as you get older.

Cardiovascular Health

Your long-term health is a top priority. Although most people don’t associate lifting weights with a stronger hear, it does promote cardiovascular health down the line. Exercising and even weightlifting can help keep your heart healthy and strong throughout your life.

Prevent Injury from Occurring

Building muscle mass and stronger bones and joints will help to prevent injury down the road. As we age, our body becomes weaker unless we’re exercising and working out on a routine schedule. If we’re continuing to lift weights and build our bodies stronger, the odds of sustaining an injury decrease significantly as we grow older.

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